White Rhapsody Whit a Hint of Bohemian Sophistication

White rhapsody whit a hint of bohemian sophistication, this renovated Victorian house in Australia enchants whit its elegance and fresh, artistic ambiance. The house has small secluded garden that refreshes the living arias panorama whit its green presents. The furnishing throughout the house is combination of classic comfort and contemporary art with clear lines. The material spectrum is dominated by wood – vertical and horizontal, as cladding and furnishing – and its clean presence ads to the free elegance of the whole space.

The juxtaposition of oval and rectangular shapes in furnishing, architecture and detailing, achieves a dynamic and modern spectrum where each one of the elements is set in a restrained color palette background, and the dominion of white, pale timber and delicate beige wood, caries the sense of elegance and serenity.  The designers from Studiofour had created a delicate and light space with different levels and areas for family life, and had allow the owners individuality , books and art collections to vitalize the house.

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