Old Town House Restored by JUMA Architects

Do you believe that sometimes restoring and renovating is much better than building a new? Well, if you don’t, this project of JUMA Architects will change your mind and give you entirely new perspective on luxury and charm. The house emanates serenity, luxury and bright, lined elegance sustained in a contemporary manner. The facade of the house is preserved and renovated to its former beauty after an elaborated process of sandblasting. It’s romantic charm, underlined by the juxtaposition of whiteness and solid black door, is stylish and natural.

The interior decor composition is nothing if not style, luxury, and magnificent materials combinations. Wonderful aged parquet with wide boards gives this project maximum allure and old time charm, modern bespoke pieces of furniture, trendy design elements and vibrant textures supplement the final composition.

The kitchen is an excellent example of modern functionality and trendy style. Marble surfaces and fashionable brass details, magnificent wood fittings and elegant modern pieces of furniture: simple, luxurious and clear-lined; like the rest of the interior decor composition.

The muted and earthly tonality of the color palette throughout the interior adds to the tranquil and welcoming emanation of the house. In the living room, a rich variety of textures and textiles in warm colors secures the comfort, the combination of unostentatious modern design and vintage hints in the furnishing composition creates a character for the design. The last space of the long interconnected arrangement between kitchen – dining – living zones is a sort of an office – library, here the tranquil minimalism ensures concentration and peace. The elegant modern flow of the interior design inspiration continues throughout the bedroom (with its minimalistic and comfortable futures) through the bathroom with its modern functionality and unmistakable luxury – and throughout the whole house arrangement. A space of taste, tranquility and inviting charm.

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