Industrial – Style Inspired Interior by Pitsou Kedem Architects

It is difficult to guess that behind the ornamental UNESCO heritage site facade, this hose hosts modern and artistic, new edge interior. This beautiful Tel Aviv house was once a home of Israel’s first prime minster, and now renovated and expanded by Pitsou Kedem Architects had become a historical site with playful and industrial – style inspired interior. The inner premise is fully renovated – double height volumes, additional basement floor, six-meter-tall I – shaped beam that holds the construct together – all brings modern spice to the house arrangement.

The combination of exposed concrete, steel beams and aluminum framing on one side and playful artistic details like the red flower-shaped door handles, the designers lamps and the cheerful rugs on the other, creates unique, artistic and full of charm ambiance. The color and material palette are contemporary and urban – style inspired and yet timeless. Exposed concrete, steel and glass arranged in clear lined shapes, black, gray and white color base always add sophistication and elegance to the interior. These simple, modern features are warmed and spiced up by the red thread that vividly colors the carpets, decorative elements, lamps and art pieces throughout the flat.  The absolutely delightful and charming balcony with its trim chairs, arched ceilings and black and white checkered floor adds to the whole artistry of the premise.

Photography is by Amit Goren, with styling by Eti Buskila.

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