Hires Apartment Renovation by buro5

The apartment located on the banks of the Moscow River with views of the industrial landscapes. Interior designed by buro5, entirely under urban style, decorated with rough materials typical for the urban environment, in dark colors.

The apartment is located in a 40-storey high-rise building, in which there are no open windows due to a high impulse of wind. Instead, ventilation is provided through the front grille, located on the balcony. There’s also the place to set the air conditioner was provided. The balcony area was 25 m2. Also, the Client has set the task to make the most spacious room with a minimum of interior items.

All these factors will affect the future of the interior aesthetics – we chose the Urban style. In general at the interior are used dark tones and unusual materials: facade tiles, stucco, a large number of front windows, which we closed with black shutters, enormous black radiators that resemble urban pipes and even black garage screens.  Photography by Artem Ivanov

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