Fresh Apartment Decor with Playful Notes and Color by Nordico

Fresh, light and flexible, with high playful notes and color accents, this apartment, a project of the Taiwanese studio Nordico, is like a cool sip of water on a hot summer day. Enjoy it.

The premises exude playful young spirit, full of interesting gadgets and capturing decor details. The intriguing lighting solutions that adorn each space deserve particular attention some of our favorite: the dear head projection of the light in the bedroom wall coming from origami inspired body, the Pulpo Oda lamps in the living room placed on minimalist iron frame and the bells-like lamps hanging above the dining zone check them out in the context of the colorful, modern layout of the design.

The premises are full of light with a high white base that creates lightness and fresh shell that allows the colorful details and accents to stand out. The apartment offers gorgeous textural and tactile experience – soft fabrics entwine with organic materials palette and many playful tile surfaces. The colorful and modern tiles that adorn each space: like a little thread or hint that goes to define the signature of the design are quite intriguing for exploration.

In the kitchen zone the tree different tile installations offer a cottage-like experience and add warm, artistic character- spread here and there and supplemented by characteristic wooden furniture with soft curves and strong colors, the tile installations are a playful touch of the designers. Tile constructs can be found in any of the other spaces of this modern dwelling –  in the hallway (here the artistic minimalism of the cloths hanger also draw attention), in the bathroom – here the black and white experience is vitalized by the drawings of the tile arrangement, even in the bedroom fashionable tiles compose one of the walls, only in the living room a beautiful bricks construct instead continues the “small rectangles” tradition of the drawing.

So, the playful spirit, the entertainment of many intriguing gadgets and gorgeous decor details, the high quality of the material and textural palette and the bold color combinations of the design define the atmosphere of this urban apartment as something fresh and young with dynamic lifestyle and endless possibilities. Photography by HEY! Cheese

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