Eastern Exotic and Modern Simplicity at Carpediem Restaurant

This Indonesian restaurant with its smooth and welcoming ambiance combines, charmingly the modern design and architecture configurations with local craftsmanship of rattan furniture production. The two central focal point pieces of the bar and restaurant areas are created in traditional style with strongly expressed designers view by the Yamakawa craftsmen’s – the knitted rattan art piece that fills the void of the main area and the spiral staircase that becomes an art piece itself are wonderful representation of the skill of the craftsman.

The architects from Sidharta Architects created serene and elegant space that hosts the beautiful rattan weaved furniture pieces in an eclectic fusion of eastern exotic and elegance with modern simplicity. The wall cladding corresponds with the whole atmosphere – natural and in warm tonalities – wood, stone, tiles and bricks form the construct that ends with large panoramic windows. The color palette of the restaurant contributes significantly to its warm and inviting ambiance – the earthly colors, the dominion of wood tones and variations, and the soft light – all promise one truly remarkable dining experience.

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