Capitan Central Brewery – Vital and Memorable Dining Space

It looks a bit like a set form a futuristic move, isn’t it? In reality is a new bohemian bar – restaurant located in the city of Córdoba, Argentina – graffiti on row concrete, exposed piping, modernistic shapes, unique solutions and vital colors – all components to create very characteristic and artistic new social place.

The designer Guillermo Cacciavillani from Bar Makers re-conceptualized an old police station turning it into creative, vital and memorable dining space far away from its previous marginalized purpose. The bare is originally and conceptually thought as a unique place for beer lovers and makers, which can enjoy their passion in high quality and creative environment. Neon text embedded in the concrete at the entrance reads – “obsession to create something beautiful”. And that is what this place is for.

The urban and somewhat industrial aesthetics of the place – the gray canvas of the widely used concrete and cement is complemented by exposed network of red piping that runs through walls and ceiling- offers historically and conceptually meaningful design. The grand structure of the bar Capitan stars with the impressive 5-meter concrete portal and its angular arch, extended at the top by a rusty chimney. In the interior, this unusual expression translates at the rectangular and trapezium-shaped forms – in windows, caverns and balconies.

The stunning double height premise is accentuated by the presence of the intense red elements – custom made furniture combining metal, wood and red fabric, the net of pipes, the smooth surfaces of the metal balconies and not in last place the beautiful spiral staircase connecting the two levels. The finishing touches of this place unique aesthetic come from small clever details like the magnificent chandeliers-like lamps formed by the ceiling pipes, the concrete bars and multifunctional bench-flower pot – table structures – all together stylishly and charmingly forming the artistic interior of the CCC bar.  Photographs: Gonzalo Viramonte

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