Amsterdam Spacious Home with Young Spirit by i29 Interior Architects

With its clear lined elegance and pure fresh character, this Amsterdam spacious home will never strike you as a former garage isn’t it? But that is what it used to be before the i29 Interior Architects to turn it into this stylish and full of light premise. With its restrained material and color palate the space allows the visitors and inhabitants to fully enjoy each stylish and elegant element and detail. Beautiful oak veneer as wall cladding, cabinets and furniture material brings clean and stylish sensation.

The detailing may be light and minimalistic, but it is created with great care and attention. In the living room hand knotted carpet with natural mossy vitalizes the space. In the kitchen – custom designed furniture – a wall-integrated wooden storage space with sliding doors and contrasting black cooking island create color and materials dynamic that prevent austereness of the space. The same alternation of light (white or gray) flooring, bright wooden center and black framing and details follows throughout the apartment. The refreshing notes of green and brown introduce Nature into the interior. Contemporary art, lamps, and pieces of furniture create modern and trendy home where the light colors and materials, illuminated by the abundance of natural light coming through the roof skylights, carry certain fresh and young spirit.

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